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Why Narkes Ladies Hostel


1. Narke's Ladies Hostel is located in the central area of Kolhapur City.
2. Banks, Hospitals, Hotels, Market, Public places anything you need is just walking distance from Narke's Ladies Hostel. 
3. Narke's Ladies Hostel is Safe, Secure, Spacious.
4. Day Basis/Weekly/15 days/Monthly Basis - Narke's Ladies Hostel can arrange accommodation as per your requirement
5. 70 Beds, Special Roomss, Personal Lockers, Study Room is available in the Narke's Ladies Hostel.
6. Pure Veg Meal, Breakfast and Purified Water is available in the Narke's Ladies Hostel.

Narke's Ladies Hostel 

is serving to specially these women and girls who wants to come Kolhapur for their studies, jobs and any other reasons. We Provide you security, homely environment and everything you need.

Home Away From Home!

People say the nicest things… 


As I am studying for the competitive exam, Narke's Ladies Hostel has the necessary Study Snvironment. So for me the best option for accomodation is only one..... Narke's Ladies Hostel !
                                             - Simran Jitendra Padavi



My family was worried about food, safety and staying outside the house, especially my mother. But Narke's Ladies Hostel solved my worries. Now this hostel is my second family who take care of me with great affection!
                                            - Khushabu Vahida Mujawar


While coming from the village to live in a city like Kolhapur, there was fear in my heart. But the moment I entered Narke's Ladies Hostel, I experienced the assurance of safety, healthy environment and nutritious food.  So I now recommend this hostel to my village friends to stay in Kolhapur.
                                                - Devika Bade

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